Major Projects Brian Baker Instrumentation Services Limited has been involved with include:


  • Commission Queensland Nickel’s Nickel Refinery in Townsville, a joint venture with P&A Energy. Contract worth $2 million


  • Recommission Methanex’s Methanol Train 2 and services at the Motunui site. Contract worth $10 million
  • Supply Instrument and Electrical technicians, Planners Schedulers and all ancillary trades

2009 – 2014

  • Methanex and Fonterra Maintenance
  • General Electrical services
  • Control systems services.

2011-2018 Metering

  • Pipe line Easement management and custody metering maintenance.
  • Long term Gas and liquid fiscal metering maintenance contracts covering 25 sites across Taranaki for Todd energy Greymouth petroleum Origin Westside and Methanex
  • Faull Rd Hi CO2 metering upgrade Project
  • Mamaku Rd GC and metering upgrade project.
  • Todd Energy LPG metering commissioning.


  • Faull Road Mixing Station instrument upgrade and electrical inspection repair and certification
  • Methanex Methanol Plant 1 upgrade planning
  • Port and Omata Tank Farm site assessments and Hazardous Area certification


  • Port and Omata Upgrade 3 mill
  • Methanol Plant 1 Restart worth $3 mill 40K man/Hr
  • W/V Methanex restart $2 mill
  • Balance 2012 Shutdown

2013 -2016

  • Methanol 2 Shutdown services for all instrumentation Control valve O/H electrical inspections SSDS function testing and supervision. Greymouth Petroleum – Preventative maintenance procedures for Kowhai
  • production station
  • Omata 1 Site Electrical and Instrument restoration project
  • Port MX faculty Site Electrical and Instrument restoration project
  • MX Port Control Room extension
  • NKTT Ship loading upgrade and multiple Hima PLC replacements.
  • Port Tank Farm Bund upgrade and Tank inspections management


  • Methanex Methanol 1 shutdown
  • 20000 man/hrs services for all instrumentation, Control Valve O/H, electrical inspections, SSDS function testing and supervision.